Nummular Dermatitis – Causes And Treatment

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What is Nummular Dermatitis?

Characterized by distinct coin shaped or oval skin sores, Nummular dermatitis usually occurs as an aftermath of injuries such as burns, abrasions or insect bites. There can be one or many patches of Nummular Dermatitis which can last anywhere between few weeks to months. The infection occurs more in men than women and the coin shaped spot may or may not be itchy. They can also be dry and scaly or wet and open.

What are the causes?

Nummular dermatitis is common in men between the ages of 55-65 and in young women between the ages of 15-25. The skin disease is rarely seen in children. Exact causes haven’t been discovered, however, sensitivity to metals (e.g. Nickel), Formaldehyde and some medicines are known to be triggers. Other predisposing factors that can cause Nummular dermatitis include insect bites, dry skin, inflammatory reaction (due to atopic dermatitis), insufficient blood flow, swelling of the legs, bacterial skin infections, and in some cases, stress. Staying away from these factors and similar conditions are thus key to preventing Nummular dermatitis.

Nummular dermatitis treatment

Sores caused due to this infection can be quite irritating and distressful, and the expertise of a dermatologist is usually needed to effectively treat the infection. Since no definitive cause is known, it becomes rather difficult to state a sure-fire solution in treating the condition. However, a number of Nummular dermatitis treatment ways are recommended which could adequately prevent you from coming down with this awful skin infection. These include:


  • Hydrating your skin

Make a routine of bathing every day with cold or lukewarm water. You can afterwards apply moisturizer as soon as you bath since this helps in hydrating your skin and relieves you from itching and scaling. You may additionally include some bath oil in the water when going for a shower.



  • Lifestyle changes

This involves avoiding hot water for showers or bathing too often daily, staying away from soaps which are harsh on the skin, stress and environmental irritants.

You should also be careful when working in the garden, kitchen etc. by avoiding cuts, abrasions and scrapes on the skin as these are plausible triggering conditions.

If you however become infected, covering the infected area with a bandage, applying medicated lotions or skin ointment and skin hydration with a non-scented skin moisture after bathing should be helpful in reducing irritations.



  • Modifying your diet

One great food component that has been effectively used to reduce inflammatory diseases and associated symptoms is Omeg-3-fatty acid. Aloe vera is another natural agent that you should be on your checklist when next you go to the grocery store if you suffer from skin conditions such as Nummular dermatitis. Enhance the intake of these components in your diet and be sure of superb results in Nummular dermatitis treatment.

As with some other common dermatitis, the condition may not be totally curable, but highly preventable. Some studies have demonstrated dry skin to be responsible for the itchy red circles symptomatic of Nummular dermatitis. Thus the dryer your skin, the higher the chance of developing the unsightly skin condition, and the bigger the flare ups.

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What seems to by a unifying factor to developing many skin diseases is our daily lifestyle routines and eating habit. And changes normally accompany a modification of same. So you should, in addition to the aforementioned triggering agents, be able to identify foods that are culprits when it comes to endangering your healthy skin.

Nummular dermatitis causes may not be known, but these measures will be good enough to keep you safe, not just from this condition, but other similar skin conditions for a luxuriantly and smooth skin.




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