Under Eye Serum- Wrinkle and Puffiness Repair


Royal Sea Eye Serum is an intensive repair product for the skinĀ under and around the eyes. You will not find better results anywhere. Royal Sea Eye Serum gives targeted repair essences to restore your natural skin around the eyes. Eyes can show tiredness, puffiness and uneven skin tones. Eye Serum combats these issues and makes your eyes look younger. A solidifying Eye Serum rich in vitamins, natural plant extracts and enriched in rehabilitating active oils. The serum is specifically made for the thin skin surrounding the eyes and works very well in conjunction with Eye Cream. It has a light texture and is easily absorbed by your skin.. It is most effective in solidifying and rehabilitating the skin and provides moisture and nutrition. The serum fights dry skin and light wrinkles around the eyes and prevents those dreaded swollen “black bags” under your eyes.



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