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Contact Dermatitis Treatment

Contact dermatitis can be caused by a wide range of irritants, and normally elicits skin reddening and itching. Agents that trigger this condition include chemicals, perfumes, metals, plant oils, some topical antibiotics and... Read More

Sclerotherapy And Varicose Veins Treatment

A treatment procedure, sclerotherapy is one of many ways commonly adopted in ridding the skin of varicose veins. Many options abound in tackling health concerns and sclerotherapy has probably been one of those... Read More

Top 8 Foods For Haemorrhoids

Having a hard time with haemorrhoids? It’s an absolute nightmare and nobody wants to experience discomfort at its peak. Foods rich in fibers have long been proffered for this condition. But just which... Read More

Itchy Skin: Know the 8 Common Causes

It’s not uncommon to have tingling sensations, especially if you have a dry skin. You sure want to get around daily activities in the most comfortable way, but a dry and itchy skin... Read More

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