Arthritis Diet Treatment- 10 Natural Remedies for Arthritis and Joint Pain

10 Natural Remedies for Arthritis and Joint Pain

 About arthritis

Arthritis appears when your joints get out of cartilage. The cartilage is a sort of shock absorber. When it is gone, then your bones start rubbing against each other. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. It is a painful disease that cannot be reversed. To help you endure it, here are 10 natural remedies for arthritis. They can stop or at least reduce the cartilage loss, and most of all, relieve and treating joint pain and arthritis.

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Arthritis Diet Tratment- Natural remedies for arthritis:


10. Drink Ginger Tea every Morning

ginger tea

Ginger tea is a natural anti-inflammatory substance. Everything that can help with inflammation will help your arthritis problems. When it comes to arthritis, pain comes from inflammation. When you reduce the inflammation in your joints, you are reducing the cause of suffering. Therefore, ginger tea will relieve a bit of pain. It is not just helpful with inflammation, it is delicious!


  1. Add Tumeric to your Dishes- reduce your pain coming from arthritis


Also Tumeric sould be inc Tumeric is a spice from India. In other parts of the world, it is not common on dishes. However, adding turmeric to your arthritis diet treatment list can help. Tumeric is a rich source of curcumin, which may reduce your pain coming from arthritis because of it fights inflammation. So far, lab tests on animals have shown how curcumin has reduced the inflammation on joints. As turmeric is the source of curcumin, it is worth adding it to your dishes.


  1. Apply Aloe Vera Topically

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a plant that usually grows in the wild and doesn’t require much care. However, its medicinal properties have drawn attention to it recently. Some people have it at home to prepare natural remedies. For arthritis diet treatment, apply Aloe Vera topically. Cut a fresh slice and warm it slightly directly on the flame with tweezers. Then, apply it to your joints. The heat will activate the benefices of Aloe Vera. If you don’t have the chance to get a living Aloe Vera plant, then another approach is to use a gel derivative from it.


  1. Cinnamon- fights agains inflammation


Cinnamon is a delicious spice mostly used on desserts. Have it at hand when you suffer arthritis because it fights inflammation naturally. Add it to your deserts and dishes to take advantage of its beneficial properties. It can be easily added to your tea and smoothies. Some dishes can also make use of cinnamon, so don’t be afraid to add it to your cooking.


  1. Massage Therapy on the Affected Areas

Massage Therapy

To get a massage therapy on the affected areas can be of much use. It will not just relieve pain, but it can also improve mobility. At some stages, the damage can cause a reduced movement of the most affected joints. Make use of massage therapy to improve it. Look for a specialized professional that can give you advice on the best approach to your particular condition. On each stage of arthritis, there are different techniques and recommendations to make it an effective treatment.

Exercise for arthritis

Exercise for arthritis can benefit a lot of people who have arthritis. In one study it was shown that approximately 53% of the people who have arthritis problem not exercise or go for a walk.



  1. Use compresses or Baths of Epsom Salt

Use Epsom salt to prepare a bath, or add it to some water to apply compresses to the most affected joints. Implement the compresses or submerge the affected areas for at least 15 minutes. The results are improved if you use warm water. Epsom salt is a rich source of magnesium. It serves to relax your entire body, particularly your muscles and nerves. Relaxation will help to reduce pain. Also, it can aid on your bones’ mineralization. To strengthen your bones is important when you suffer arthritis. In conclusion, Epsom salt gives you a double benefit, making it of greater use.


  1. Drink Green Tea- Another anti-inflammatory natural remedy

green tea

Green tea is one of the most famous drinks available around the world. It has well known anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it can relieve pain caused by arthritis. In recent times, researchers are paying more attention to green tea. For example, the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health in the United States is conducting some serious research surrounding green tea. That will lead to products and other options to use this herb to improve health conditions like arthritis.


  1. Apply Cold Pressed Olive Oil Topically

One more ingredient for arthritis diet is cold pressed olive oil, also known as extra virgin olive oil topically in the affected areas to relieve pain. It is important to check that the olive oil is cold pressed because other methods to obtain it can destroy a substance called oleocanthal, which is responsible for reducing pain.


  1. Acupuncture

The art of acupuncture is well known for relieving pain. Arthritis’ pain is no exception, and you can get the benefits with an acupuncture treatment.


  1. Mix Grape Juice with a Tablespoon of Pectin

You have to mix grape juice with a tablespoon of pectin and drink it every morning. The mixture results on a sweet and delicious beverage. It is improving the connective tissue which damaged by arthritis. The combination is a fertile field for further research.

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