10 Things Not To Do If You Are Arthritis Patient

10 Things not to do if you are Arthritis Patient
10 Things not to do if you are Arthritis Patient

About Arthritis And Natural Remedies

Arthritis can be a painful condition. There is no cure, but there are ways to stop it from getting worse. You must find the means to deal with pain. The source of pain can be reduced if you know what to do. There are certain foods you should avoid, and some other things such as some sorts of physical activity.


Some bad habits can also worsen your condition. To help you live better if you are an arthritis patient, we have made a list of 10 things not to do. We hope you put this guidance to good use.


Arthritis Natural Remedies list


  1. Avoid Red Meat


Red meat is a rich source of fatty acids. The problem is that fatty acids are the worse idea if you have arthritis. They are a source of joint pain. You will rather substitute red meat with other protein sources so that you can reduce pain.


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  1. Do not Smoke

Smoking will stress your connective tissue

Smoking will stress your connective tissue. That is one of the causes of pain when you have an arthritic condition. Avoid it at all costs. If you smoke, you will rest valuable point to your efforts for reducing inflammation.



  1. Do not sit in a bad Posture

Stress and pain can lead you to the wrong positions. However, that is a sure path to worsening your situation. Look for proper postures and watch out for anything that would hurt you further. By having a good posture you are going to protect your knees, hips, and back, which are the most sensible areas when you have arthritis. Be conscious of your position, and make it a good habit.



  1. Avoid Extra Weight

Lose weight

If you have extra kilos, get rid of them. If you are in your right weight, keep it. The more weight you have the more stress on your joints. That is harmful to your health, particularly under an arthritic condition. The most visible harm is that will not help with pain. Besides, you can damage your joints further. If your weight is light, you will have more chances of getting over pain and improve your condition.



  1. Do not stay still

Exercise is key to your recovery process. Pain may lead you to stay still most time. However, that will worsen your situation, by worsening the stiffness on your joints. You will lose mobility and flexibility. If you are in the initial stages, and pain is bearable, make sure you add some strength and flexibility training to your life. That will help your joints to release stress, and you will feel better. If you are in too much pain and you feel you cannot go through a regular routine, then look for an expert in physical therapy. There are exercises you can do, and they can teach you how to manage them.



  1. Do not engage on High Impact Exercise

Do not engage on High Impact Exercise

High impact exercises are not good for your joints. They will add unnecessary stress. Take out of your fitness routine anything with repetitive movements that affect your joints. For example, running, tennis, and jumping the rope are bad ideas for fitness if you suffer arthritis. Look for other options like yoga or an elliptic machine. Strength exercises are good too as long as you don’t impact your joints and focus on your muscles.



  1. Avoid any sort of Fried Food

Fried food is not a good idea because it will promote inflammation. Cut it from your diet and replace it with fresh fruits and vegetables. That way you will reduce your sources of inflammation, which will relieve pain and will improve your life.


  1. Do not go to the Negative Side of Pain

A bad attitude is a prevailing mood when you are in pain. However, it will not make things any better. A way to avoid going to the downside of pain is not focusing on pain. Look for ways to distract your mind. Meditation techniques are a good idea. You may also find an activity that takes you away from negative thoughts and help you to endure the most painful moments.


  1. Eliminate Sugars

SUGAR- foods to avoid with arthritis


Cut down your sugar intake. The excessive sugar in your blood is a source of inflammation, and inflammation is what you want to avoid to get rid of the pain. Candies and artificial sodas are one of the richest sources of sugars in modern diets. You may also reduce your intake of processed food and any meals that use white flour.


  1. Avoid excessive salt

Table salt bad for arthritis

Salt in excess can be harmful to your joints. When you eat too much salt it can result in joint inflammation. To prevent it, cut down your salt intake to the minimum. You have to be careful with your cooking, but that is not enough. Watch out for processed food, because some of them are already packed with salt, and you don’t even notice.


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