Atopic Dermatitis – 8 Natural Treatments

Atopic dermatitis Natural treatment

Atopic dermatitis is also called Atopic eczema and it describes an inflammation that results in itchy, swollen skin. Also, you can usually see clear fluid coming out from such areas and this liquid gets thicker with time. Atopic dermatitis is usually seen in children. The actual cause of this disease is not known, but it has been linked to genetic factors, immune system dysfunction and exposure to poor environmental conditions. If one of a set of identical twins is infected, there is 85% chance that the other twin gets infected too.

Common treatment is to avoid poor diet and factors that encourage it’s presence and spread. These include; bathing daily to keep yourself clean and using moisturizer cream later to keep hydrated. Research has also shown that Atopic dermatitis can be treated with some natural remedies. Some of these natural treatment remedies are:

1. Papaya seed

This is one very strong home remedy for children and infants suffering from atopic dermatitis. You can mash up papaya seeds to make a paste and apply this paste on the infected skin. You can also rub mashed seeds on the inflammation area, thus helping you avoid common and frustrating itching.

2. Spearmint leaves

Spearmint leaves is a good natural remedy for atopic dermatitis. You can make a paste of this mint leaf and use them on an area of inflammation. You can also mix the juice from spearmint with water and rub over your baby’s affected skin area.This will go a long way in keeping your baby fresh and free from the condition.

3. Minimize scratching

There is really no science to this, reducing scratching will help break the itch-scratch cycle and reduce inflammation. This can be done by; moisturizing your baby’s dry skin and protecting the infected skin with loose gauge. Furthermore, wearing gloves while sleeping to prevent night scratching and making sure you trim your baby’s nail are effective ways to prevent a trigger.

4. Use olive oil

Olive oil is a very good natural remedy when mixed with zinc for treating Atopic dermatitis. The mixture helps in soothing the skin and also helps to prevent further infection.

5. Coconut oil

Use coconut oil regularly to stop the symptoms of atopic dermatitis. Coconut oil is safe for sensitive skin of your baby. It helps keep your baby’s skin soft and moisturized, thereby preventing atopic dermatitis

6. Avoiding trigger factors

If you discover your atopic dermatitis infection was triggered by some agents, then you must avoid them. Some trigger factors can be stress and anxiety, irritiation caused by woolen clothes, viral skin infections, perfumes and sprays, exposure to pets like cat or dogs. Avoiding these triggers is also a natural way of preventing atopic dermatitis.

7. Aloe Vera

This will almost always make the list when it comes to natural treatment remedies for a lot of health conditions. Aloe vera lotion extracted from the plant is also safe for your baby’s skin. Furthermore,the gel can help in healing the red patches.

8. Diet treatment

Your diet may be the needed trick in treating Atopic dermatitis. You can simply change the diet plan for the infected baby to include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon, walnut, tuna and sardines. Foods containing vitamin A, C and E will boost up the healing process. In conclusion, we have a number of remedies which are effective to make your skin look radiant and keep your baby ravishing, so you may consider these options before finally using synthetic medications for your atopic dermatitis.

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