Varicose Veins Treatment: 6 Foods To Eat

Our veins are definitely an integral part of blood circulation in the body, making varicose veins treatment a top priority for sufferers.  Nobody likes to see their veins bulging excessively from the skin, but that’s what you get when varicose veins set in. This condition can be enhanced with a family history of the disease, poor dietary lifestyle or advancing age. Varicose veins which may be benign in its early stages, can become worrisome with time, and even life threatening in serious cases. A good diet and regular routine check-up enhance your chances of managing the condition when discovered early and minimize unlikely complications. Certain foods help to keep the veins firm, protecting you from varicose veins and maintaining a smooth skin as you age. So here are some foods to include in your diet for effective varicose veins treatment.

Oatmeal, Dried Cranberries, Cranberries

  1. Fibres

Foods in this group not only help keep your veins firm but also play important roles in the body’s digestion. Plus they are beneficial in managing abnormal cholesterol levels which enhance vascular dysfunction. Foods rich in fibres to include in your diet include fruits, oatmeal, whole wheat flour, popcorn, brown rice and barley.

Ginger, Rhizome, Ginger Root

  1. Ginger

With its characteristic strong flavour, ginger improves body circulation and dissolution of fibrin, a very big step in treating varicose veins. Varicose vein sufferers usually contend with inability to break down fibrin. This consequently leads to hardening of the veins which presents as bulges under the skin. Groceries have ginger all year round and fresh ginger seems to be more potent, so get some more of this amazing spice in your diet for effective varicose veins treatment.

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  1. Fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and fresh fruits are essential food components for a healthy body. They go a long way in maintaining skin and vein firmness – preventing varicose veins. They are also rich in bioflavonoids as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative agents that help reduce swelling and collagen loss within the veins. Top fruits for varicose veins include Oranges, Strawberries, Red and Sweet peppers, Broccoli, Mangoes and Pawpaw. Noteworthy is that raw, uncanned or processed foods are always a better option and should be your first choice when it comes to fruits and vegetables.

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  1. Avocado

Avocados are a boon to people prone to varicose veins. Containing essential vitamins to keep your veins firm, the fruit also has an important molecule – glutathione which protects oxidative damage to the arteries, veins and heart.

  1. Water

Water is life as they say, and it couldn’t be truer in keeping you safe from varicose veins. Instead of caffeinated drinks when thirst knocks, grab some more glass of water. Staying hydrated offers so much more benefits than quenching your thirst. Hydration helps keep the vein fibres firm, and your skin refreshed.

Buckwheat, Fitness, Athletic, Women

  1. Buckwheat

This food contains rutin, a flavonoid recommended by nutritionists for varicose veins treatment owing to its great vascular health advantages. Buckwheat also offers additional health benefits as it contains proteins containing essential amino acids for tissue repair.

This checklist should do wonders in rescinding varicose vein symptoms. Also cut back or avoid high sodium content foods. They increase fluid retention and consequent tissue damage.  Prolonged and serious episodes of bulging varicose veins should however be referred to a physician for best prognosis.

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