The dead sea treasures, known for their medical properties were compounded into this unique series designed to care and treat your skin. These rare Dead Sea minerals combined with medical herbs and etheric oils that penetrate skin porous, protect your skin and nourish it with moisture and vigor. This natural combination of components helps solve a wide range of skin problems while restores skin vitality and bestowing it with a healthy young and fresh appearance. Great awareness to skin care begins here – at the lowest place on earth.

The company specializes in formulas based on essential oils, therapists in training , consulting professional treatments in the field.

Aromatherapy treatment is known for thousands of years to help solve many health problems including thousands of records on healing and essential oils that provide relief .

” Royal Sea ” Company has set a goal to advance the field of aromatherapy in the country and abroad and encourage the use of aromatherapy products based on essential oils , both stand-alone therapy and complementary therapy to conventional treatment and all this by utilizing the natural healing powers .

” Royal Sea ” Company makes use of essential oils at the highest level in the world come from areas that specialize in this . Preparing formulas themselves become laboratories in Israel , with an emphasis on high quality of the active ingredients in each product. Since we believe in quality and capabilities of the products , we do not believe in their sales in pharmacies in person , to provide you the most suitable product for the treatment required , explain and advise specifically .

What is aromatherapy?

A series of products with the unique and wonderful combination, based on aromatherapy doctrine, of plant extracts, pure ethereal oils and natural mineral from the Dead Sea ever since, the healing herbs, of which Israel was blessed, where known for their unique quality. By reading their description in biblical stories you can almost feel them and smell their ancient and wonderful aroma. Knowledge of the healing attributes of these plants, which are primarily from the Dead Sea and Judea desert area, is interlaced in Jewish tradition and was transferred from generation to generation. Today, this knowledge was labeled as scientific whereas the various plant components were separated thus discovering their bettering affect on the human body.

Aromatherapy is a healing method which uses pure ethereal oils that activate the powers of nature acting In perfect harmony to stimulate the body’s natural healing ability.

Ethereal oil is produced from a combination od substances that are unique to each plant thus bestowing it with its special aroma.

The oil is produced from an extremely concentrated liquid that exist in mineral quantities in the plant. The liquid protects the plant from Diseases, Germs, Viruses, and Other pests. Aromatherapy takes advantage of these special attributes to help heal man. As with protecting the plant, the pure ethereal oils assist us in solving different problems such as infections and other contaminations and thus protecting us from being infected from the diseases. Millions of people come to experience the wonder called the Dead Sea with its many health attributes that can be realized using its unique minerals and salts which help maintain and improve our health.

Royal Sea products contain plant Extracts, Ethereal Oils, Mineral and Salts carefully chosen based on extensive knowledge and expertise making natural healing accessible to all. Royal Sea – the way to become healthy and maintain it.