Arthritis Diet Treatment- 10 Foods which help ease Arthritis

10 Foods which help in Arthritis

Arthritis Diet Treatment

“You are what you eat” is a famous phrase. Inspired by it, we may also say that “you improve what you are improving what you eat.” In that line of thoughts, we have gathered together a list of 10 foods which help to treat arthritis inflammation.

If you suffer from an arthritis condition of any kind, make sure you watch your diet. These foods can improve your health and reduce the problems caused by arthritis.


  1. Eat Salmon 3 times per Week


Fish is important food that should be included in the diet for arthritis, in general, is rich in omega-3. That helps to fight inflammation, which reduces the risk for arthritis patients. One of the richest sources of omega-3 is salmon. The rule is to eat it 3 times a week to get enough omega-3 to nourish your body. The best is grilled, to avoid unnecessary fats. Salmon is delicious, so you will love to eat it.


  1. Broccoli- Strengthen your bones

Most cruciferous meals can help you fight against Arthritis. Broccoli is one of them, and it is really useful. According to recent research results, it can even prevent arthritis from worsening. Among other nutrients, vitamins C and K plus sulforaphane are the winning combination. Calcium is present too, which will strengthen your bones. So far, the results are promising on animals, and the researchers are ready for human tests. In the meantime, add broccoli to your diet. It is packed with nutritious content anyway.


  1. Cherry Juice- Help with your muscles

Cherry juice has a high content of anthocyanin. They help with your muscles, preventing soreness. Whole cherries help as well, and their anti-inflammatory effect is as good as drinking juice. Look for natural sources of cherry use, because canned juices have a high amount of sugar you don’t want to add to your daily intake.


  1. Milk

Any sort of milk is welcome if you have arthritis. The problem with arthritis is that odds are you may develop other health conditions, like osteoporosis. To prevent it, you must drink rich calcium sources, and milk is one of them. When you chose your milk, go for skimmed and low-fat milk. They have much more calcium than regular milk. There is also a new wave of milk, such as those made out of soy, which is the most popular. Other varieties include almonds, oats, or rice. All of them are well packed with calcium so you can pick any.


  1. Kale and Spinach- Rich of iron


Eat your greens, and if they are dark green, they are better when you suffer arthritis. Kale and spinach are probably the most accessible and efficient dark green vegetables you will find. You can eat them in salads, as part of your cooked meals or alone as a snack. Either way, they are just delicious. Their benefits come from their rich iron content that has anti-inflammatory properties you can use to fight against arthritis.


  1. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants and can cease inflammation. The magic comes from cocoa, and dark chocolate has the most cocoa among all chocolate varieties. Dark chocolate is a delicious snack you can eat after meals. You don’t have to go crazy eating a full package. It also contains calories you cannot process if you eat them excessively. A small bar of dark chocolate will be helpful, delicious, and will not cause you further problems.


  1. Apples- Ease inflammation


Apples have two excellent things to fight your arthritis issues: fiber and antioxidants. Fiber will improve the way your body absorbs nutrients, making the most of it. On the other hand, antioxidants will help to ease inflammation. With apples, you will have score double on benefits. It is recommended that you eat at least one apple a day to keep arthritis away.


  1. Nuts


Eat nuts, not bolts. Nuts have a high amount of proteins and will help you to relieve inflammation caused by other protein sources. You can have your daily dose of proteins with nuts and other vegetal protein options, as a substitute for red meat that will cause inflammation which will not be beneficial to your arthritis condition.


  1. Oranges- Keep your joints healthy


Vitamin C is one of the healthiest ingredients to keep your joints healthy. Oranges and other citrus are full of vitamin C. Do not forget to include them in your diet. Orange juice will help as well. However, it is better to eat the whole fruit since with juice you are missing the fiber, which is beneficial to your digestive functions.


  1. Edamame


Edamame is a healthy way to add Omega-3 fatty acids to your diet from vegetable sources. They have few fats, which makes them healthier. The high protein content plus fiber makes them even better as general nutritional food. Edamames are one of the best ways to eat healthy if you have arthritis.

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