Face Masks: 8 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Them Today

A Face mask is undoubtedly a wonderful item to have in your skincare products. For some, using this facial is relegated to the spa,but that shouldn’t be the case. Regular application of a mask may be the missing block for a perfect skincare routine. So whether you’ve been applying one or relishing the prospect of starting soon, here are good reasons why it’s a great idea. 1. Easy to get started If you don’t want to spend some extra cash … Read More

Top 7 Causes Of Perioral Dermatitis

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A common condition in women, perioral dermatitis usually appears as reddish bumps and scales on the facial regions such as the eyes and nose. Other symptoms associated with the condition are itching and burning sensations as well as fluid discharge in some cases. Women who are often affected fall in the 16 to 45 years age bracket. Children, though not often affected, may also come down with perioral dermatitis in their early ages. The skin condition is usually not a … Read More

Dermatitis Herpetiformis: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

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Dermatitis herpetiformis causes skin lesions and is widely regarded as an immune system disorder. It derives its name due to its clusters which resembles herpes simplex virus disease, but the condition is not caused by a virus. The skin disease affects exterior parts of the limbs and is also commonly seen on the buttocks. Other parts of the body may become affected in serious cases if poorly managed. Papules, vesicles, hives and itching are major discomforts experienced, with a marked … Read More

Varicose Veins Treatment: 6 Foods To Eat

Our veins are definitely an integral part of blood circulation in the body, making varicose veins treatment a top priority for sufferers.  Nobody likes to see their veins bulging excessively from the skin, but that’s what you get when varicose veins set in. This condition can be enhanced with a family history of the disease, poor dietary lifestyle or advancing age. Varicose veins which may be benign in its early stages, can become worrisome with time, and even life threatening … Read More

Sunburn Relief: 10 Home Remedies

Getting some fresh breath of air and cool weather outside can be an amazing experience, but definitely not under a frigging scorching sun. As advantageous as Vitamin D may be, what becomes of an overly exposed skin to the sun is unsightly, displeasing and very uncomfortable. Sunburns are always better prevented than treated, for good reasons. But here are some remedies for you if you ever have to deal with sunburns. Get the Ice Applying an ice pack on the … Read More

Piles and Haemorrhoids: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Uncomfortable rectal pains and swollen veins are typical symptoms of Piles, commonly referred to as Haemorrhoids. Piles affect almost any individual with high predisposition to factors that stimulate the onset of the condition. These risk factors include having a low fibre diet, poor sitting position, spinal cord injury, sitting for long periods of time and straining during bowel movements. Those who have anal intercourse, obese individuals and pregnant women are also more prone to developing the condition. It also tends … Read More

Allergic Contact Dermatitis: All You Need To Know

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Just as it sounds, you develop allergic contact dermatitis when your skin comes in contact with foreign agents that it finds repulsive. These agents may be chemicals, creams, detergents, treatment and other skincare products. As a form of defence, your body quickly reacts to this agent, causing a reddish appearance or other symptoms around the contact region of the skin. However, most of these cases are usually self-resolving, or can be treated pretty easily and shouldn’t be a cause for … Read More

Dishydrotic Eczema Treatment Tips

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Itchy blisters on the feet, fingers, toes etc. are major symptoms of dyshidrotic eczema. The condition which is often thought to be seasonal may last a few weeks before eventually drying out. It is more common during spring than other parts of the year and is also related to some allergies. Common triggering allergies are moist feet and hands, cobalt, leather, paints, cobalt, etc. Dishydrotic eczema is not a communicable disease. And there is the possibility of simultaneously having atopic … Read More

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