Cold sores: Causes, Symptoms and Remedies

Highly infectious but not debilitating in most cases, cold sores (or fever sores) are those red, blister lesions that form on the facial region. But the name can be quite misleading as cold sores are not linked to cold exposure. These sores are often caused by a viral infection and can be transmitted easily when close contact is made with an infected individual. It is claimed a majority of individuals test positive for the virus but not everyone elicits symptoms, … Read More

Face Masks: 8 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Them Today

A Face mask is undoubtedly a wonderful item to have in your skincare products. For some, using this facial is relegated to the spa,but that shouldn’t be the case. Regular application of a mask may be the missing block for a perfect skincare routine. So whether you’ve been applying one or relishing the prospect of starting soon, here are good reasons why it’s a great idea. 1. Easy to get started If you don’t want to spend some extra cash … Read More

Sunburn Relief: 10 Home Remedies

Getting some fresh breath of air and cool weather outside can be an amazing experience, but definitely not under a frigging scorching sun. As advantageous as Vitamin D may be, what becomes of an overly exposed skin to the sun is unsightly, displeasing and very uncomfortable. Sunburns are always better prevented than treated, for good reasons. But here are some remedies for you if you ever have to deal with sunburns. Get the Ice Applying an ice pack on the … Read More