Papulopustular Rosacea Treatment, Causes and Diet
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  Rosacea Papulopustular Rosacea (PPR) is a sub-type of Rosacea that is symptomized by the development of pimples, redness, multiple inflamed bumps and papules all over the facial region and could be a very discomforting condition for sufferers. The treatment of this condition hinges on the severity of its stage. However, the condition can be medically treated with sulphur containing creams and some antibiotics as prescribed by a physician. Antibiotics which are commonly used for treatment include tetracyclines, similar topical … Read More

Rosacea Diet Treatment: 10 Foods To Eat
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  Rosacea treatment may only need some slight changes to your diet. A rosacea diet is all about going for foods that will keep you safe from this condition. These foods also help lessen its effect if it develops on your face and skin. Nobody loves to have red patches and spots after all. Rosacea diet is useful since the condition is usually caused by foods we eat. So we take a look at some foods you should consider eating … Read More

Rosacea Diet Treatment: 10 Foods To Avoid
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  Rosacea is often wrongly taken for acne. You may have rosacea if you find redness on your face and around your nose or chin. Poor rosacea diet normally causes these conditions, making you feel uncomfortable. Rosacea can also be caused by exposing yourself to too much heat or similar harmful conditions. However, taken preventive steps can be a goldmine in avoiding rosacea, since it is a bit difficult to totally get rid of the condition once it sets on … Read More


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