Eczema Diet Treatment: Which Foods To Add To Your Daily Menu

Eczema Diet Treatment: what are the best foods for eczema that sould be added to your daily menu

What is Eczema?

Eczema is a general term for disorders of the surface of the skin. The disorders are caused by an inflammatory reaction of the skin. This is often an allergic reaction and sometimes a reaction to irritation. It may also be unknown where the response is coming from. There are various types of eczema. The seriousness is not equal for everyone. Eczema is not contagious. Most eczema itch, but not all itchy eczema.

Eczema can occur in all age groups, and it can also be hereditary. Babies and young children often have eczema. More burden they also have. Eczema in infants is often in response to the transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. In general, the eczema is decreased after 3-6 years of age or earlier. Or disappears as they get older. But it can also develop correctly in later life.

In 2004, 9% of boys and 7% of girls aged 0-4. At 10-15-year-olds, the figure was 1.4% of boys and 1.8% of girls. The average of the Dutch population is 2.5% and increases the last 15 years.

These are the figures of atopic eczema (atopic dermatitis), by far the most common type. It may be that these numbers are higher because not all people with eczema to visit a doctor. There are various types of eczema which differ in severity and symptoms. Some forms are short and other chronic. Asthma, hay fever, and emotional stress can be associated with eczema. Unfortunately, eczema can make people insecure about their appearance. This is particularly the case in children and adolescents. Also, therefore, it is advisable to visit the doctor.



Eczema Diet treatment- The Best foods for eczema- 5 tips 

I recently received a question about which are the Best foods for eczema treatment.

It is of course well known that ” what you eat ‘has a direct influence on your skin. Indeed, many of the skin conditions that many people to contend with have exacerbated or even caused by highly processed foods. I’ve wrote also a post including list of foods that should be avoided with eczema.

In this article, I’ll give you a brief guide on what are the best foods for eczema treatment.



The best foods for eczema treatment

eczema diet- foods for eczema

I already had on my blog about the various basic foods. A distinction is made between proteins, carbohydrates, fats (and alcohol). Finding the right balance between these food groups is essential for good health.

It is recommended that you should have at least 50% carbohydrates, 30% fats, and about 20% protein. The proportion may vary by person and personal circumstances.

But besides the food groups is also important that you get enough vitamins and minerals. These ‘agents’ support the body and it turns out that skin here can still sometimes deficient.

For exam                           

No doubt you’ve heard this before, perhaps in one of my previous programs. In recent years I have come to the conclusion how important this point. When you feed a good natural, the organic and fresh source is your body gets much more important nutrients.

Our ancestors also ate only fresh food and were probably not as old as now, but the food is what our body is built.

Processed foods, sugars, snacks are foods that chronic complaints such as eczema caused by. I call also called ’empty calories” where all the important nutrients are removed.

These empty calories cause long term only complaints! And unfortunately, they are well represented in supermarkets. My advice is, therefore, what you eat should always include fresh and organic food. This means that eating less meat and more vegetables.

Research has shown that people were aging by eating less meat, especially red meat. This is because meat contains a lot of saturated fats and hormones. Poultry and fish is an exception but should be eaten moderately. Also, I’m not talking about what is being done with the meat mass, remember antibiotics and hormones!

Does this mean you no meat to eat more? Certainly not, but in moderate quantities and an organic source.

In short, we need more nutritional food that is fresh and raw instead of food from the freezer or other processed sources!



Best foods for eczema Principle 2: Organic & Biological

The next principle is very similar principle 1. But I want to give this special attention. In recent years, the word ‘organic’ really booming.

You have now even shoes and organic coffee, although I drink myself now organic coffee, I could not resist it, I do not organic shoes.

I think this is a good development and it shows that we are more concerned on a social level with what we eat and where it comes from. In the better supermarkets, you see increasingly a separate organic section.



Why is organic better for eczema treatment?

Organic products are more stringent controls. While much fewer pesticides are used; what is important to clean your body.

But organic does not have to be expensive. You can also fine you get vegetables at a farmer and ask how fresh it is and whether the use is made of pesticides. When you live in the city, I suggest that you buy more organic products.

Of course, I understand that you have a budget, it is still important to at least meat products wherever possible, buys organic or from a very good butcher where you can have confidence in.

When you remove foods from the grocery store, make sure you go first wash vegetables! This will delete still part of the pesticides.(In short, try to buy as many organic products as it comes to your health)

Now that we have discussed the basic principles in the treatment of eczema. Below I give you some concrete eczema diet tips you can apply immediately at home.

Best foods for eczema treatment:


Eczema Diet Tip # 1: Carbohydrates with fiber

whole grains fiber- eczema treatment

We escaped there are now no more. There are so many choices in the supermarket that I can well imagine that you can not see the forest for the trees. Research shows that too much-refined sugars and simple carbohydrates raise blood sugar levels and cause skin problems.

By decreasing the fast processed carbohydrates like chips, white rice, cookies, white bread, soft drinks and so has your skin to endure the less heavy. By eating carbohydrates with dietary fiber is the pressure on your body and therefore your skin less. These good sources of carbohydrates are whole grains, brown rice, potatoes, oatmeal, etc.



Eczema Diet Tips # 2: No refined sugars more


Refined sugars are unhealthy. These are the sugars that can be found in soft drinks and many of the processed foods in the supermarket. Many chronic symptoms including skin disorders are caused by a diet with too many refined sugars.


Eczema Diet Tips # 3: Lots of vegetables and a little fruit

It is recommended that you should eat at least 200 grams of vegetables and 200 grams of fruit per day. In particular, increase the intake of vegetables is very important. This contains many important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals necessary for beautiful skin. Also, several vegetables contain a lot of antioxidants, and these are very important to strengthen your skin.

As for fruit, I can be brief; you’ve got to have some of. But certainly not too much because of the high sugar index. Because you can also get overweight by eating too much fruit.



Eczema Diet Tips # 4: Drink plenty of water



This tip I can not stress hard enough. Water cleanses your skin and is necessary if you suffer from eczema. Every day to drink at least 1.5 liters you put an important step to help detoxify your body. For eczema is often caused by an accumulation of toxins which extends through the skin.



Eczema Diet Tips # 5: Many omega 3 fats

salmon- one of the best foods for eczema treatment

The unsaturated fatty acids are very important for your body. Several processes in the body have the necessary help fats, and also to prevent long-term cardiovascular diseases.

Research has shown that olive oil is incredibly good for the skin both internally and externally. What makes olive oil one of the best foods for eczema and should be added to your eczema diet treatment plan.

Due to getting enough of these fats, by olive oil, nuts (almonds, walnuts, etc.) and fatty fish such as salmon you get enough of the important fats inside. If you do not like fish, you might consider supplements.




It is not always easy to learn a new diet. But by consciously dealing with nutrition and make a proper selection at the grocery shopping can restore your skin from the accumulation of toxins. I can tell you from personal experience that ‘what you eat’ ‘definitely affects the skin. The next time I will pay more attention to my blog about the connection diet and eczema.


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