Anti Aging Eye Cream Repair Wrinkles and Puffiness
Anti-aging Eye Cream – Repair Wrinkles and Puffiness


Unlike other products in the market with below-par anti-ageing and wrinkle smoothening effects, Royal Sea eye cream offers an absolutely effective alternative to these products. Specifically formulated for the eyes, feel the soothingly astonishing abilities of our product which has been carefully developed and enriched with Dead Sea Minerals, for enhanced skin moisture and cell regulation.

The cream ensures your skin and eyes look not only smoother, but younger and awesomely refreshed. It contains retinol (Vitamin A) which expedites natural skin regeneration following harsh and stressful conditions that may predispose your eyes to ageing and wrinkles.

Easily absorbed, our anti-ageing eye cream brings a dramatic difference on consistent use in about 2 weeks, leaving an aromatic fragrance and glowing eyes. The product also works perfectly with an eye serum.


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