Rosacea Diet Treatment: 10 Foods To Eat

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Rosacea diet treatment- foods to eat


Rosacea treatment may only need some slight changes to your diet. A rosacea diet is all about going for foods that will keep you safe from this condition. These foods also help lessen its effect if it develops on your face and skin. Nobody loves to have red patches and spots after all. Rosacea diet is useful since the condition is usually caused by foods we eat. So we take a look at some foods you should consider eating more in preventing this skin condition.

  1. Honey

Now, this shouldn’t come as a big surprise. Honey has an age-old use as a strong therapeutic agent. Honey, when used on the face, can keep you safe from rosacea, due to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial abilities. Thus using honey as a face mask once a week will help in keeping your skin rosacea free.

  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another fine agent for rosacea treatment. Being natural, unlike common processed oil in groceries, coconut oil may help in relieving you of inflammation. Coconut oil helps to increase healthy fat content in the body, replacing animal fats whose constant intake may cause rosacea.

  1. Salmon

If you don’t love Salmons, then you are missing out on one of the best foods for rosacea. This is because salmon contains large amounts of omega 3 fatty acids which are very active in curbing inflammation. So eat this and other omega-3-fatty acids rich foods and see your face glow without redness.

  1. Aloe vera

For a healthy skin, you sure know Aloe vera is a good choice. This nature’s gift has very high anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. Aloe vera also helps reduce redness associated with rosacea. You should therefore mask your face with the gel before going to bed to help keep your face smooth.

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  1. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is a good antiseptic and also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Although some skin types may show negative reactions, Lavender oil will come in handy in treating rosacea. So this oil should be part of your active combination in rosacea treatment.

  1. Cucumber

Yes! Cucumber is a great fruit to have in your rosacea diet. It helps in skin hydration as well as reduce clogging of pores on your face, clearing out rosacea symptoms. Cucumber mask should be applied once a month in mild cases. However, it can be used twice a week in severe cases.

  1. Green tea

Having a lot of strong inflammation controlling agents, green tea is a perfect addition to your rosacea diet. It has phyto-protective compounds and anti-inflammatory properties. The high amount of antioxidants also present in green tea makes it a great choice for treating this skin condition. Drinking one or two cups of green tea daily or applying a cold tea bag could make the difference for a clear, rosacea free skin.

  1. Turmeric

This is one of the strongest agents for rosacea treatment. Turmeric acid has a rich amount of antioxidants and ingredients that reduce inflammation. These serve as a perfect combination in the treatment of rosacea. You may combine turmeric with honey if its natural flavor does not appeal to you.

  1. Liquorice

Liquorice helps in skin healing and regeneration of skin tissues. Its ability to prevent reddening as well as skin irritation, therefore, makes it a good rosacea treatment option.

  1. Leafy greens

Eating leafy greens and similar high-fiber foods will be a good way to go about rosacea. They help create a gut environment that allows for growth of beneficial bacteria while making it difficult for harmful ones to thrive. Harmful bacteria can trigger rosacea flare ups in some persons, so leafy green foods should make part of your rosacea diet.


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