Top 7 Causes Of Perioral Dermatitis

A common condition in women, perioral dermatitis usually appears as reddish bumps and scales on the facial regions such as the eyes and nose. Other symptoms associated with the condition are itching and burning sensations as well as fluid discharge in some cases. Women who are often affected fall in the 16 to 45 years age bracket. Children, though not often affected, may also come down with perioral dermatitis in their early ages.

The skin condition is usually not a major health issue to contend with, bit can be a very challenging to manage and can linger on for months, if not well treated. Symptoms may also reappear if poorly managed.

Perioral dermatitis has no definite cause. But this doesn’t leave out potential triggers to look out for. A number of research and findings implicate steroids and associated cosmetic products.

Precluding outbreaks of Perioral dermatitis and similar skin diseases is definitely enhanced by knowing the triggers and lifestyle to avoid, and facilitates effective treatment. So here are some tips and potential causes of perioral dermatitis to keep your skin safe and free from the awful skin disease.

perioral dermatitis steroids

  1. Steroids

Evidence suggests a higher chance of developing perioral dermatitis in women and children with increased use of inhaled or topically applied creams and treatment products containing steroids. A report puts Perioral dermatitis linked with use of topical and inhaled corticosteroids in children at 72%. Treatment creams containing steroids are usually prescribed for treatment of skin diseases, other than perioral dermatitis, however, they may not be so mild on your face and may trigger this skin condition.

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  1. Harsh cosmetic products

 Although paraffin and petrolatum creams are usually used for Perioral dermatitis, Some other cosmetic products contain a substantial amount of steroids that could trigger the onset of perioral dermatitis on the facial region. So it’s very important to keep check of the ingredients making your favourite cosmetic cream before purchasing one.

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  1. Skin infections

Infections caused by fungi and bacteria on the facial region may also facilitate the development of Perioral dermatitis.

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  1. Fluorides

Fluorinated toothpastes can be triggers of periroral dermatitis in many individuals. They may speed up a flare and should thus be monitored when treating the skin disease.

  1. Skin diseases

Those suffering from rosacea may also be candidates of Perioral dermatitis. As studies have suggested a link between both conditions, preventing rosacea flare ups may indirectly protect you from this skin disease.

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  1. Skin irritants and chemicals

Any other chemical product applied on the facial region may trigger the condition. Total avoidance of topical creams on the facial region may be advised in serious cases. You undoubtedly want to keep your skin awesome, so a dermatologist’s advice is always a good way to go when getting the right skincare cream.

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  1. Oral contraceptives

Oral contraceptives can be the culprit if you have perioral dermatitis. Noteworthy is that not all individuals present similar reactions to these triggers. So finding the most plausible ones get you a step ahead when treating the unsightly skin condition.

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