Top 8 Foods For Haemorrhoids

Having a hard time with haemorrhoids? It’s an absolute nightmare and nobody wants to experience discomfort at its peak. Foods rich in fibers have long been proffered for this condition. But just which ones should you take and what makes them so invaluable? We’ve got you covered on these and more in this article.

Why Fibres?

Fibre-rich foods provide immense regulation of bowel movements. And we know poor bowel movement is chiefly responsible for hemorrhoids. Inflammation of the rectum and subsequent vein swelling are symptomatic of hemorrhoids. It therefore becomes vitally important to include foods in this category to prevent and reduce associated symptoms.

Top foods for hemorrhoids

There are many causes of piles, and consuming low fibre foods are arguably top of the list. Other causes of piles are prolonged sitting, lack of exercise and pregnancy. If you take fewer fruits in your diet, you also stand a higher chance of developing piles. Here are foods you’ll want to have in your diet if you have this condition.

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  1. Apple

Crunchy in consistency and absolutely rich in fibre, apples help ease pile symptoms by aiding easy passage of stool.

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2. Vegetables

Vegetables are a must have if you are down with piles. Apart from being a healthy food component, they, just like many fruits, help ease bowel movement and consequently reduce pains associated with hemorrhoids. Spinach, Mushroom, Okra etc. should thus be on your checklist next time you hit the grocery store if you have piles.

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3. Water

This is a no-brainer. Water is the finest lubricant out there for your body and maintains the homeostatic balance of internal processes. This is unarguably essential in preventing hemorrhoids. So ditch the soda for more glass of water next time you feel thirsty.

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4. Barley

Barley has a high fiber content – your favorite characteristic of a hemorrhoid food. It therefore helps soften stools and allows for seamless bowel movement during stooling which is a great way to prevent piles.

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5. Pawpaw

Pawpaw contains papain, a protein-digesting enzyme invaluable in preventing constipation. This makes it a great diet inclusion for piles.

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6. Oatmeal

It’s not only nutritious but high in fibres too. Oatmeal is another food you’ll want to have in your hemorrhoid diet.

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7. Beans

Some foods in this category provide a rich source of fibre and should thus make your pile diet. These foods include kidney beans, baked beans and chickpeas.

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8. Fruits

Peaches, Oranges, Blueberries, you name it. Fruits are an integral addition to your diet if you have hemorrhoids. They contain fibres and help easy bowel movement. So you’ll want to munch some more to ease symptoms of piles.

This inexhaustive list can bring a huge difference and reverse the pains and discomfort of Piles. Avoid spicy foods, sedentary lifestyle and also get some more exercise for best results.

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