Unique Facts and Benefits of Dead Sea Minerals

The Dead Sea

The Sea

Bordered by Palestine and Israel in the west, and Jordan in the east, the Dead Sea has a very high salt concentration. It is actually 9 times saltier than the ocean. This unique feature makes it a centre of attraction for Mediterranean tourists. The Sea has its main source of water from the Jordan River.

Unique Dead Sea Facts

Never heard much about this Sea? Well then, we’ve got some amazing Dead sea facts for you.

  • The Dead Sea is the deepest salt lake in the world, having an eye-popping distance of 306 meters below the surface.
  • In addition to its depth, the sea is located at the lowest land elevation known. It stations its shores and water surface at 427 meters below sea level.
  • Due to its high salt levels, floatation is rather seamless on the surface of the Surface of the sea. This property is also shared by the Great Salt Lake in Utah, USA.
  • It is almost 9 times saltier than the ocean, making it an unlikely home for animals to thrive. It carves its name due to the absence of vegetation or animals. The sea, however, has a substantial bacteria population in rainy seasons.
  • The Sea has a width of 15 km and a length of around 50 Km.
  • Although not the best of places for life forms, it has several minerals with proven effective treatment purposes in healthcare delivery. There is also decreased UV radiation around the sea with slightly raised atmospheric pressure.
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  • In ancient times, the Sea was called Lake Asphaltites by the Greeks. This was linked to its spurting out asphalt,used by the Egyptians for mummification.
  • Another unique Dead Sea fact is the absence of an exit route, a huge reason for its salt concentration. The only channel route is for inflow of water, with surrounding lands on its sides.
  • There is another wonder in close view from the Dead Sea – The Great Riff The valley. This  valley, from which the Sea is situated, has the longest geographical extension, measuring about 4000 miles. It also cruises past through 20 different countries.
  • The Northwest coast of this water body has 618 acres of date palm fields.
  • The sea usually has a sunny and dry climate all year round, with an annual rainfall of about 50 mm.
  • It has an age-long history, dating back as far as 4 million years.
  • The Sea was also formerly known as “Stinky Sea” a few centuries back.

Dead Sea Benefits

We’ve just gone through some amazing Dead Sea facts, and yes! It is not the coolest place for animals and vegetation, but there are a bunch of benefits we’ve not talked about. Home to a number of minerals, the water body has the following benefits.

  • Salts have chiefly formed the bulk of Dead Sea benefits for man. Although bitter, these salts have proven abilties in treating common skin conditions as well as dandruff, muscle aches and pain from osteoarthritis.
  • The minerals and salts extracted from this Sea have been used extensively in the production of cosmetic and herbal products due to their soothing effect.
  • Some of these minerals include Calcium, which is a good pore cleanser for the skin, and Magnesium, an agent with superb anti-allergic abilities. Chloride, which helps in cell mineral balancing, and Bromide, a natural antibiotic and relaxant are only some minerals found in this amazing water body.
  • Some skin anomalies like acne, psoriasis, and cellulitis have an equal match in Dead Sea minerals, this has led to a gradual increase in the use of these minerals for the production of treatment creams in the cosmetic industry.

So next time you visit the Mediterranean, a stop at this sea should definitely be on your itinerary. The loads of benefits cum tourist attraction scenery makes it one of the best places to be. Don’t forget to visit nearby health research centres too for oodles of information and more Dead Sea facts, the array of minerals and other interesting stuff about one of Nature’s finest bodies.

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