Varicose Veins Natural Diet Treatment: 10 Foods to Avoid

what is varicose vein?

Varicose veins are a consequence of enlarged veins and are also referred to as varicosities or varicoses. These enlarged veins are usually painful and appear swollen, with a red or bluish-purple coloration. Water retention due to excess sodium content or insufficient potassium leads to varicoses or spider veins if the condition persists for a considerable period of time. Varicose veins may get worse over time, regardless of lifestyle changes but thankfully, they are not generally linked to significant long term health implications. Here’s a list of foods to avoid in preventing varicose and spider veins or inhibit the progression of existing ones.

The treatment part

It is almost impossible to heal completely from varicose vein, but there are many ways to treat this condition successfully. Most of the treatment for varicose veins are focusing on relieving the pain in legs. Part of the intrusive treatments are: Stripping, Ambulatory phlebectomy, Cryosurgery, Sclerotherapy (Shrinking the veins by medicine injection).

Varicose veins natural treatments

In the non intrusive treatments, to relieve the pain we have  the lightweight compression stocking and more products. The most important treatments for people which truly want treat their varicose veins is to do 3 important things:

  1. Exercises for varicose veins- Know which exercises help to relieve varicose veins.
  2. Build the best varicose veins diet treatment list– know which foods you can eat for treating varicose veins and which foods will worse your varicose veins condition.
  3. Loose weight if needed- High body weight is one of the reasons of varicose veins. Consider to loose weight if you’re in high weight.

It is very important that you choose the kind of foods you eat carefully in order not aggravate the varicose veins or put you at risk of developing them. Diet plays a major role in this regard, that is why I have listed below, ten foods that you should avoid if you are suffering from varicose veins. It’s very important step in varicose veins diet treatment part.


These are the top foods to avoid in your varicose veins diet treatment:




As they are low in dietary fibers, refined sugars should not make a varicose vein sufferer’s diet as more harm is caused. Foods such as sweets and cakes should be avoided since they favour constipation, a state least beneficial in preventing varicose or spider veins




It seems sugars are really not the best food for us as foods with an appreciable sugar content lead to an explosive increase in insulin levels. Additionally, insulin impairs the body’s ability to release excess sodium and this is the main reason for water retention that leads to varicose veins.


HIGH-SODIUM FOODS- lead to more retention of water

These foods, such as ham and pizzas are linked to causing water retention (as sodium content is increased) and subsequently varicose vein formation.




Due to its ability to initiate vasoconstriction (a major reason for varicose vein formation as there is reduced blood circulation) amongst other debilitating health issues, alcohol consumption should be avoided if varicose veins are to be successfully prevented.


Foods which make constipation

Foods which make constipation are forcing more pressure on the varicose veins which is leading result of legs pain.

These food are making constipation:

Dairy Products, Red Meat, Chips and Cookies



These food components, though not exhaustive should be reduced drastically in foods you consume to prevent spider veins taking all over your body. Some foods are however terrific remedies for this condition. This includes Quercetin containing foods such as green tea, apples, cherries and pears. Onions are, however, very synonymous with this compound and contain an exceedingly high amount of it. Thus onions should also be taken regularly. Other foods helpful in preventing varicose or spider vein formation are Vitamin C, Hesperidine, Rutin, as well as Vitamin B and E containing foods.

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